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Marine Motor

Kian Tajhiz’s marine motor adopts a corrosion-proof frame which allows the motor to be operated normally even when the motor gets wet.

Inverter Duty Motor

Kian Tajhiz’s inverter duty motor changes the input of the motor as desired and controls the speed and torque over a wide range and even making it possible to precisely control speed and torque at low frequencies.

Wound Rotor Motor

Kian Tajhiz’s wound rotor motor is designed with a low-noise and low-vibration structure.


Pole Change Motor

Kian Tajhiz’s pole change motor uses a separated wound or changes the pole of the motor to control the rotation speed.

Pole Change Motor

Kian Tajhiz’s aluminum-framed motor uses aluminum for its frame and brackets and features a superior cooling effect and lighter weight.

Traction Motor

Kian Tajhiz’s traction uses a vacuum pressure impregnation method to achieve perfect dielectric strength of the stator wound.


Permanent Magnet Motor

The great advantage of Kian Tajhiz Permanent Magnet Motor is the super premium efficiency level (IE4). The rotor with permanent magnets realized high performance, more power and reduced energy consumption, space and noise.

High Efficiency

Kian Tajhiz’s High Efficiency Motor has better energy conservation through maximized efficiency, longer lifespan, lower noise level and higher compatibility.



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