ANKARA SERAMIK A.Ş established in 1996 is one of largest porcelain insulator companies in TURKEY. ANKARA SERAMIK is the most progressive porcelain insulator manufacturing company in TURKEY because of new and innovative production flow systems and manufacturing concepts integrated with ANKARA SERAMIK A.Ş ISO 9001:2008 Quality programs.

The quality policy of ANKARA SERAMIK A.Ş is to design and manufacture quality products at competitive prices with decreased lead times to exceed the needs and expectations of its customers. Today, ANKARA SERAMIK with a built up area of 20.500 m2 (10.250 m2 closed plant facilities) has a wide range of insulators produced at low, medium and high voltage levels.

ANKARA SERAMIK is able to carry out the routine tests in line with the international and national standards. At the time, ANKARA SERAMIK believes in retaining a strong domestic market while serving global (international) markets.


By the way, Exclusive agant of ANKARA SERAMIK company in IRAN, is KIAN TAJHIZ Co.

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