Current Limiting Reactors reduce short circuit levels to meet the system needs and reduce stresses on busses, insulators, circuit breakers and other high voltage devices. They are also used as load sharing reactors for balancing the current in parallel circuits. Kian Tajhiz's  current limiting reactors are manufactured up to 420 kV. These reactors are designed in a way to withstand the rated and fault currents for a certain period of time.






Inrush Current Limiting Reactors (Damping Reactors) :


Inrush current limiting reactors are series connected with capacitors in order to limit the inrush currents that occur during their switching operations







  • Increases equipment and capacitor life.
  • Perfect mechanical strength to withstand high short-circuit forces
  • Limited temperature rise enables longer lifetime.
  • Special surface protection against UV and pollution Class IV areas.
  • Maintenance-free design.





  • Air core
  • Dry type
  • Side by side, delta or vertical arrangement depending on space availability
  • Outdoor and indoor
  • Single phase or three phase
  • Enclosures are available on demand
  • Elevated support stands are available
  • Suitable corona rings are provided with reactors over 170 kV in order to eliminate visible corona
  • Aluminum or copper winding
  • RAL 7035 or other colors
  • - 40 ºC / + 55 ºC ambient temperature range
  • F class (155 ºC) or customer specific design
  • Fi