HARTON Co. can look back on a long tradition in which innovative ideas have been at the forefront since the beginning. The extensive product range provides our customers with quality, constantly controlled quality, which is carefully produced based on the latest technologies and advanced scientific knowledge.

Environmental protection, air purification (gas, dust) scrubbers, filters, columns, cyclones, odor removal, Adsorption of activated carbon, activated coke, pumps for aggressive and abrasive liquids, magnetic drive, sealless-leak-free, centrifugal pumps, diaphragm pumps, pneumatic. and electrically driven pumps, gear pumps, internal gear pumps, dosing pumps up to 1200 bar, as piston and diaphragm pumps, metering systems, peristaltic pumps OEM versions, solvent recycling, containers, pressure vessels, tanks and heat exchangers. .


By the way, Exclusive agant of HARTON company in IRAN, is KIAN TAJHIZ Co.

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