Test laboratory reactors are designed in high voltage and high power test laboratories. They are designed to withstand the most extreme service conditions during test periods. Design techniques must be implemented in accordance with the most demanding service conditions. These reactors are used for various purposes in test laboratories such as current limiting and synthetic testing of circuit breakers, capacitor testing, artificial line simulation etc.


  • Limited temperature rise enables longer lifetime
  • Maintenance-free design


  • Rated
  • Air core
  • Dry type
  • Side by side, delta or vertical arrangement depending on space availability for air core reactors
  • Indoor
  • Aluminum or copper winding
  • RAL 7035 or other colors
  • - 40 ºC / + 55 ºC ambient temperature range
  • F class (155 ºC) or customer specific design
  • Fiberglass resin spacers are used in order to provide ease of cooling
  • AN (air-natural) cooling method



IEC 600076-6 or depending on customer requirements.



  • F class (155 ºC) film insulation or epoxy resin reinforced fiberglass
  • Insulating varnish & corrosion resistant paint



All the routine tests are performed in accordance with IEC 60076-6 or other standards depending on customer request. Type test reports are available on request. All the test reports are submitted to customer.

Basic testing program includes some or all of the following tests:

  • R