• Sea Water

As a specialist in seawater desalination, Kian Tajhiz has been leading desalination engineering technology through Reverse Osmosis Technology.

Sea water contains a variety of floating matter, which mainly includes ions, and the characteristics of sea water are different from that of water in different countries and regions. For this reason, pre-treatment, RO system engineering and energy-saving that are tailored to the characteristics of raw water are urgently required.


Kian Tajhiz designs the optimized system by identifying the needs of its customers.

The system optimization technology is the important factor that determines the power and O&M cost. Kian Tajhiz is producing the various kinds of valuable water out of the seawater at a low cost taking advantage of its renowned technology of manufacturing high-pressure pumps and of engineering seawater RO desalination systems.

  • Major technologies
  • 16’’ RO engineering technology
  • Energy harvesting technology
  • Membrane filtration pre-treatment (MF/UF) design technology
  • SWRO HP Pump Control technology
  • Brackish Water

Kian Tajhiz provides its customers with solutions that enable them to efficiently use rivers, lakes and surface water.

Brackish water, such as underground water, and the water in rivers, lakes, etc., is a water resource that we can easily access, and refers to water with less than 15,000 ppm of total dissolved solids. For this type of water, a pre-treatment process using conventional filters (coagulants, pressure-type filters, etc.) and micro filter/ultra filters is applied depending on the water constituents (floating matter, turbidity, colloide, etc.). We produce customized water according to the needs of our customers by using a brackish water RO system, Nano filtration system or ion exchange process.


Kian Tajhiz is proud to operate a desalination plant with a capacity of 125,400m3/day, which is the largest capacity of any plant in Asia.

Iron works need a variety of types of water, such as boiler feed water, cooling water, and potable water, etc. Hyosung has provided Hyundai Iron Works with design, purchase, manufacture, installation and commissioning services for a desalination plant with a capacity of 125,400 m3/day.

  • Major technologies
  • Large RO Plant Engineering technology
  • Large RO Plant Engineering technology
  • Containerized RO

The Container RO is quick and convenient

The Containerized RO is the best solution for construction, hotels & resorts, pilot test facilities, temporary water-treatment facilities and any places where a quick extension is needed due to an increase in water supply, as it is able to supply water in a quick, convenient and swift way. The packaging of the desalination facility into the Container allows for convenient transportation and simple installation, even on small sites.


The Container RO produces a variety of water types.

A single package of the Containerized RO produces clean water with a capacity ranging from 100 ~ 1,000 tons/day by filtering sea water and surface water.

For emergency & temporary

For drink & industrial water
supply for the limited area

For pilot test

During plant O&M
During a lot of water needed for the short period
Construction site & Plant commissioning
Resident water supply for the draught

Beach, hotel and resort
Island, Limited industrial area

Test equipment for new system


Easy Installation

Easy Operation

Easy Maintenance

Easy transportation and installation with container type
Efficient space utilization by compact installation

Full automatic operation system
Remote monitoring & control system

Rapid maintenance service by Hyosung global networks