Which has been produced in Turkey under the label Detakom® since 2003, has been the lightning conductor preferred both in Turkey and around the World.

It has been combined with the 25-year experience of Erkoç Engineering company in Lightning Conductors and Grounding since December 2005 and produced Detakom®-A5 model, which is preferred both in Turkey and around the World.


Paramount Features of DETAKOM-A5 Active Lightning Conductors:


  • Its most paramount feature is that its impact tension generator inside is covered with epoxy insulating material with a durability of 450kV/cm2.
  • Another feature is that since its outer parts are covered with XL 304 stainless steel, it is resistant against dynamic power surging in from the air during lightning discharge and also it is not affected by acid rain caused by lightning discharge.
  • Detakom-A5 lightning conductor was tested by BET BLITZSCHUTZ-EMV TECHNOLOGIEZENTRUM Company, Germany, and successfully passed the 100kA impact flow resistance test
  • It was tested in line with active lightning conductor test standards of French NF C 17-102 (Appendix C) Standard at METU Electric and Elektronical Laboratory and Icmet Craiova High Voltage Laboratory, and given Active Lightning Conductor title after displaying a high performance.
  • It is produced under ISO9001-2000 Quality Certificate and 22 years of experience of Erkoç Electricity Ltd.
  • Detakom®-A5 Active Lightning Conductor is produced by constant testing during the production process.


DETAKOM®-A5 Active Lightning Conductor Operation Procedure:


When the electrical field created by storm rises to 10-20 kV/m value, Detakom®-A5 Active Lightning Conductor generates a warning stream by the impact tension generator inside in a certain frequency and amplitude by gathering the required energy from the electrical field which creates the lightning. This stream creates a path that moves upward. This path which enables the lightning to flow down controllably, arrests the lightning on a vertex it forms above a large-diameter protection field above the building and conducts the lightning to the ground. Together with its accelerator rod, impact tension generator, and inner structure, it is designed to safely conduct even the largest lightning streams by the help of its assemblies.