Your ERK SC-6X is designed to count actual lightning strikes to a tower or to other conductive object ( pipeline, coax line, etc ) The counter is watertight and may be placed outdoors. However, the unit should be mounted to where it will readily drain and not be subject to standing water. The stud connections should be electrically attached to the tower using 14 AWG wire and be separated by approximately 8 feet. The inductive voltage drop due to a lightning strike will actuate the counter. Nearly strikes will not be counted unless the 8 feet separation between is increased. A log should be kept to record the date and counter reading. To test your counter, a 9V supply may be momentarily applied, in either polarity, to open circuited stud connections.


The ERK SC-6X requires a 0.5μH inductance shunt to count nature’s smallest lightning strike ( 3kA ). This inductance can be in the form of a wire length, tower or pipe segment. To calculate use the following approximations:




  • 0.3 μH per Foot per Wire
  • 0.067 μH per Foot for Triangular Tower
  • 0.150 μH per Foot for 6” and Up Pip