Shunt reactors are used in order to compensate capacitive reactive power generated by long and lightly transmission lines, thus allowing the flow of more active power through the system. Shunt reactors are normally connected to the tertiary winding of the main transformer.

In high power and high voltage systems, shunt reactors should be used with RC filters because in such systems switching transient voltages are extremely high and that's why switching devices can be damaged.


  • Perfect mechanical strength to withstand high short-circuit forces
  • Limited temperature rise enables longer lifetime
  • Special surface protection against UV and pollution Class IV areas
  • Maintenance-free design


  • Up to 36 kV
  • Air core and iron core
  • Dry type
  • Side by side, delta or vertical arrangement depending on space availability for air core reactors
  • Outdoor and indoor
  • Single phase or three phase
  • Enclosures are available on demand
  • Elevated support stands are available
  • Aluminum or copper winding
  • RAL 7035 or other colors
  • - 40 ºC / + 55 ºC ambient temperature range
  • F class (155 ºC) or customer specific design
  • Taps are available
  • Fiberglass resin spacers are used in order to provide ease of cooling
  • AN (air-natural) cooling method




 IEC 60076-6 or depending on customer requirements.


  • F class (155 ºC) film insulation or epoxy resin reinforced fiberglass
  • Insulating varnish & corrosion resistant paint



Aluminum, hot dip galvanized steel or concrete support stands are designed for specific applications.


All the routine tests are performed in accordance with EN 60289 or other standards depending on customer request. Type test reports are available on request. All the test reports are submitted to customer.
Basic testing program includes some or all of the following tests:
  • Routine Tests (Inductance, Resistance, One Minute AC Insulation Voltage Withstand Test and Impulse Voltage Withstand Test)
  • Short Circuit Withstand Test
  • Temperature Rise Test
  • Sound Level Test
  • Seismic Test



 All Kian Tajhiz reactors are computer designed in order to minimize investment and operating losses.


 Kian Tajhiz maintains a complete quality assurance program including ISO 9001 and other European and American Standards in it's manufacturing plant.


The height and the diameter of the reactor can be adjusted to customer specific needs in order to meet unusual space requirements.
Complete installation guidelines are provided with the reactors in order to meet required magnetic clearances on close metallic structures. Each reactor is supplied with an installation guidelines that specifies minimum magnetic clearances for the reactor.


Kian Tajhiz provides complete technical assistance to contractors and end customers for applications, design, calculations and field installation. All Kian Tajhiz reactors are custom designed for different applications by considering the voltage, current, inductance, size, loss characteristics that are required to provide the most efficient design at the most economical prices.